GT’S Kombucha

Another Kombucha review!!!

A couple weeks ago I tried another Kombucha! This was the Synergy Gingerberry Kombucha by GT’s Kombucha!
image1 (5).JPG

The first thing that attracted me to this Kombucha was it’s really beautiful packaging! Their bottles really stood out to me among the other brands in the Kombucha section of the fridge at Goodness Me. They are so colourful and all have a different name with this wonderful wording listed on the front of the bottle; reawaken, rebirth, repurpose, refine, reimagine really spoke to me!

The flavor was perfect! Not too sweet or overpowering, however, this is definitely a more kombucha-ey kombucha, which made it hard for me to get down quickly. But it made my tummy feel great!

It was great quality, for the pricing and you can find this brand in a big bottle (1 L)  which are even better value.

Rating:  ☮☮☮


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