RDevine Kind Care Review


Creator and owner of RDevine Skin Care was kind enough to drop off some samples of her skincare line and a few other goodies for me to try out for you guys! I am a HUGE advocate of natural/holistic health and beauty and well as local/Canadian companies so I was so stoked to give her products a try!

I decided to use RDevine for one week! Day and night!

The sample package came with a set of instructions for the various products for both a day and night ritual. As well each product sample came attached to a complete information sheet!

I was beyond impressed with the level of care and thoughtfulness she puts into her products! It also came in the cutest rustic packaging! So fitting for this brand!


FullSizeRender (3).jpg



The Rituals!

I am going to provide a breakdown of each of the rituals (they differed from her instructions a bit) I will also include what I thought of each product!

Morning Ritual:

1)   Splash face with water

2)   I decided to oil cleanse with Sacred Clam in the morning. (Then I followed with my Evenly Radiant Day Creme with SPF 15 by Derma E)

What I loved about Sacred Calm was the smell! Amazing! It smells earthy and warm with a hint of flower, almost like Eucalyptus and Lavender. I found it so calming it was a very therapeutic aroma! I loved this morning routine because it was so simple. It wasn’t harsh on my skin and perfect for getting a smooth canvas for makeup application.


Evening Ritual:

1)   Removed Makeup with Sacred Garden Make Remover –simply apply to cotton pad and wipe away!

2)   Wash face with Scared Calm or Sacred Earth- I opted to use my tea tree cleanser (Doctor Bronners– tea tree castile soap) at night then I followed with Scared Calm as an oil serum/moisturizer.

3)   Apply Bight Soul to eye area- This is amazing it definitely helps with puffy eyes and was so easy to apply. You don’t need a lot of this so a little goes a long way!


Weekly Rituals!

Sacred Earth- This is by far my favorite product! You can use this product in two ways, as a face scrub or as a facemask. I liked using it as a facemask! The main ingredient is Moroccan Lava Clay, its benefits include hydration to the skin, healing and calming to sensitive skin and decreases pores, it also absorbs excess oils and toxins. I found that it did exactly this; it made my skin look brighter, pores smaller and just an overall more even appearance. I suffer from some hyperpigmentation and hormonal breakouts, and I tend to have sensitive and dry skin so this product checked off every single skin concern I have!

I would definitely recommend this product if you suffer from some or all of the same skin issues as me!

The next product I tried was Sacred Botanicals, this product is as beautiful as it is effective! I loved all the colours of the bits of buds and herbs mixed in. This mask works to speed up cell turnover, containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids that come from the Hibiscus. This product can be used as a mask or as a scrub. The texture is so smooth yet still exfoliating. This is great for people with hyperpigmentation like myself!


Overall I had a very positive experience with RDevine Skin Care! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is recovering from acne scarring or anyone who suffers from occasional breakouts and sensitive skin! Natural products work really well for those of us with sensitive skin, as they are so gentle and yet still don’t compromise effectiveness. This line is also excellent for those who suffer from dry skin! My skin always looked refreshed and moisturized while using the products.


RDevine Skin Care sample set is available for $15.00 at www.rdevineskincare.com



Rating: ☮☮☮☮☮


For 15% off online purchases head to rdevineskincare.com and use coupon code hamiltonhippie


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