Whats in my Summer Bag!

Here is a snapshot of what you’ll find in my summer bag!


What’s in my bag Summer edition:

1. Throwing shade…   Sunnies by Michael Kors http://bit.ly/2skZEHU

2. Hydration is Key…. Flow water sourced in Bruce County, Ontario. I love this brand’s clean initiatives they use a Trea Pack bottle which is 100% recyclable,  and 70% of the bottle is made from renewable materials! They also focus on minimal impact through being conscious of shipping and what materials are used in their bottles! The water itself is full of electrolytes and is alkaline. For more information on this product check out —-> https://flowlikewater.com/

3. So fresh..so clean.. Kleenex Fresh On the Go Wipes, I loovee these, they are so useful! These wipes leave a very light scent and leaves your hands and face feeling refreshed! http://bit.ly/2rGeCGC

4. One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by…… Currently reading Bloom: Navigating Life and Style by Estee Lalonde

I got my copy at an Elle Canada event in which I got to meet Estee (so amazing!I am a huge Youtube Nerd!) I love this book, it’s about helping you determine what your focus is through identifying what you like and how that relates to how you dress and feel! Estee does this through talking about her own experiences and sharing her advice.

5. Don’t get burnt…. Sunscreen is soo important! Probably the most important beauty product you will need this summer! This is because the sun can be very damaging to your skin and health. Sunscreen works to block harmful UV rays from harming your skin! Some of the negative effects of the sun are; premature aging,  sun spots, deepening the appearance of scars, cancer and much more!

Also using healthy and clean sunscreen is even more of bonus. Boo Bamboo was kind enough to hook me up with their complete sunscreen line! This was amazing as I would  100% reach for this product at the store! I love using as many natural and green products, that are good for myself and the planet as possible. So I was definitely excited to review Boo Bamboo products!

This sunscreen is an all natural product with an SPF of 30, it absorbs into your skin without leaving that greasy feeling. Many natural sunscreens can be tricky because they tend to leave a white film behind, thus you really have to rub them in to avoid that. This product can cause a bit of that but not nearly as bad as other products I have tried in the past, so I love that!

Why use natural sunscreen? Natural sunscreens are mineral based whereas chemical sunscreens are not.  Chemical sunscreens use safe chemicals but not always in the most effective way! Most are very misleading about the SPF coverage they provide and the usually have a ton of synthetic add-ons like scent or color which are packed with stuff you simply just don’t need!

When it comes to me with the whole natural argument, I just like simple products with simple ingredients, nothing that my body doesn’t need in or around it!

The scent is great, super light! which is great for scent sensitive people! Key ingredients for me are the zinc oxide (a great natural SPF), bamboo extract, jojoba oil (my skin loves this) and aloe (so healing, perfect to help skin relax from the stress of heat).

All in all, I would definitely buy this product for myself and my family! you can pick up your own at Shoppers Drug Mart! Ps. They also have a baby sunscreen line for all the mommas and papas out there!

Rating  ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮

Boo Bamboo http://boobamboo.com/

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