Hip Beauty- The Spa Series!Vol 1.

Since I had a blast doing the Pedicure Diaries, I’ve decided to do another round of Spa reviews this time I’m focusing on the face! For the next couple months, I will be reviewing different facials at various locations surrounding Hamilton!

image1.JPGThis month I will be reviewing a facial that I recently had at the lovely Kabuki Spa on Locke St.

I received my first ever facial at Kabuki so once I heard what they’re September special, I knew I had to try this out!

About Kabuki

Kabuki is a full-service eco-spa using some of the very best organic and natural beauty products. Not only is organic beauty important to me when it comes to my beauty products, but so is my wallet! Kabuki always has monthly specials on, and for the month of September, they had a microdermabrasion detox facial using one of my favourite local holistic skincare brands, R Devine. This special included a pedicure and facial for $50.00!!!

The Facial

My visit began as always with a lovely complimentary cup of tea as my esthetician, Celine, began with the pedicure. The pedicure comes with a lovely foot scrub and they also offer a great quality natural nail polish (that is still intact on my feet two weeks out!!! Amazing!).

Following the pedi I was brought down to the facial room, this private room is so cozy and cute and most importantly comfy! The facial began with a Stone Crop Gel as the initial cleanser, followed by one of my favourite holistic products of all time, R Devine’s Scared Earth, this product is AMAZING! It’s a multi-use product that can be used as exfoliation or as a mask it leaves the skin so soft and bright. During this treatment, this product was applied to my face and then my face was spritzed with Stone Crop hydrating mist. This was followed by a thorough exfoliation. This was my favourite part of the facial, I love the deep clean feeling you have after an exfoliation not to mention the effect it has on your skin. After Hungarian Herbal Mud mask was applied and set for a few minutes and removed with a warm towel. The final treatment consisted of a menthol/rosehip mixed with citrus and kale mask. This mask was so cooling and tingling and smelt amazing!! Celine allowed it to rest on my face for a few minutes before massaging it into my skin, which felt so amazing and relaxing! This was removed with a warm towel, and lastly, the Stone Crop whip moisturizer was gently massaged into my skin.

I absolutely loved my experience, the facial was approximately 20 minutes and left me skin noticeably bright and just overall rejuvenated! The staff at Kabuki are always so welcoming and Celine was amazing!

Thanks again to Kabuki for having me and hooking up this amazing deal!


Good news! I have partnered with R Devine skin care to provide all my followers with 15% off, so be sure to check out the online shop and have a try for yourself!

For more information on Kabuki check out their website here!

For more information on R Devine Skincare check out their website here!


Rating: ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮


Until next time

Peace and love,

The Hamilton Hippie ✌🏾♥️

Let me know where I should go next or what at home facial products you love in the comments!



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