Cecelia, You’re Breaking My Heart

image1 (17).JPG

My dear friend Cecilia, the creator of Cici’s Raw Beauty, gave me some products to try out! Although I am friends with Cici, I was already a huge fan of her products. The first product that I purchased was her Radiant Body Oil. I absolutely love this product! It gives the perfect amount of shimmer to the skin, I use it on my face as a highlighter. It creates an extremely natural dewy shimmer. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who likes to have a very dewy glow, a little goes a LONG way! I would also recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dry skin as its natural oils and ingredients are very hydrating to the skin. This product smells AMAZING, with hints of coconut and summer breeze.  The oil comes in three types Sunbeam, Gold Dust, and Bronze Goddess, each giving a stronger, deeper glow. Currently, I am using Sunbeam. This product retails for $20.

The next product that I am using is Cici’s Citrus Mint Face Exfoliating Scrub. This product is unlike any other face scrub that I have tried before and I am so happy that Cici gave me this to try. The consistency of the scrub is so fine and light and the ingredients in it are so nourishing that it feels so soft and airy. I dampened my face and applied the scrub in a circular motion. Given its airy consistency, I was stunned to find that the scrub gave my face an excellent exfoliation and left it feeling smooth. This product retails for $12.

The next product that I was able to try was the Grapefruit Sugar Scrub. Lip scrubs are a great product for those of us who tend to have darker lips (like myself). Exfoliation helps to lighten and give your lips a rosy hew, as well as helping to combat chapping. A little goes a long way with this product also and the taste is amazing! This product retails for $8.

To purchase products contact Cici on her Instagram page: @cicis_raw_beauty

Rating: ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮


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