Get Unready with Me-Youtube Video!

Hello, my dear sweet people! Here is my get un-ready with me routine!

This is my go-to, everyday routine, it is fairly quick and easy, and hopefully, the products mentioned will become staples for you as well!  I really like to shower in the evening as I really find that it helps me relax and wind down. I use Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree soap diluted with water to wash all over my body and face. I love this as it is an all natural product and tea tree has many benefits including preventing acne. I like to move on to my hair at this point so I can leave in my conditioner for a bit. I do not wash my hair every day, as a result, I like to double cleanse my hair as I use loads of conditioner and styling products so I have loads of product build-up. But I try very hard in the winter to not fully cleanse the scalp and hair so it won’t completely dry out! I find double cleaning with gentler products helps me achieve this. I begin with  Diva Curls Low-Poo and then I follow up with a Coconut Cleanser by RenPure. I then condition with Aunt Jackie’s In Control conditioner. While this is sitting in my hair I usually take this time to exfoliate my skin, I really like to exfoliate once a week to help remove dark areas and marks on my skin, as well as give the skin an overall glow!  My favourite body scrub at the moment is Cici’s Raw Beauty sugar scrub. This really gets all the dead skin off, leaving me with glowing skin from head to toe and it smells amazing. After I give my hair a rinse to remove the conditioner (if this is a wash and go style day I do NOT rise out all the conditioner).


When I get out of the shower and wrap my hair in a t-shirt towel to protect and keep the frizz down on my hair. I usually take off any makeup before jumping in the shower with Garnier Micellar Water. I then like to moisturize my face with Gardiner’s Gel cream and then I add on my dark spot corrector by Say Yes directly on my scars and I seal it all in with R Devine’s Sacred Calm oil (Use promo code HIPPIE for 20% off), by pressing it into my skin. I suffer from really dry, sensitive and uneven skin and I find all these products check all my main concerns! I do switch up these products from time but this is what I have been using most recently.


I then head over to my dressing room to change into my PJs, but I am all about my moisturizers (I cannot be all ashy! That is a no!) At the moment I am really liking to moisturize with Alba Botanica body lotion and then I follow with Lavera firming cream on my upper thighs, arms, tummy, and booty.  Finally, I am DONE! I get right into my PJ’s and then I’m off to watch youtube until I pass out!


Be sure to check out my YouTube Video —->


Links to the products mentioned above;

Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Castile

Cici Raw Beauty

Deva Curl-Low Poo

Renpure Coconut-Cowash

Aunt Jackie’s – In Control Conditioner

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Cel Cream

Say Yes To – Dark Spot Corrector

RDevine Scared Clam

Alba Botanica-Body Lotion

Lavera -Firming Body Milk


Until next time!


Peace & Love


The Hamilton Hippie



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