Hip Eats -Cima Enoteca- Locke St S

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This Italian restaurant serves up prosecco, pasta, pizza and much more in a modern and stylish open kitchen design. I loved the marble tables and the floor to ceiling windows, this is definitely a very cool and photogenic venue.


We ordered a bottle of prosecco, which was crisp and not overly sweet. The drink menu includes a few cocktails, beer and of course wine! However, the wine bottles were crazy expensive! Nothing under $100 so a bit over my personal wine budget!


We decided to order calamari with bread & olives as our appetizers. The calamari was cooked very well and was not overly chewy. It was presented in this wonderful tower, which made it seem huge and it had a seafood sauce base. I was not crazy about the seafood sauce but it is definitely a decent amount to split with others and I believe was $16.00. The bread and olives were so delicious, so toasty and warm! I thought this was a great portion for $4.00. My only criticism was that the olives were whole, I prefer them mashed so you can spread it on the bread, but otherwise, I was really digging it! (I’m really into olives lately, I have no idea why, so that may have something to do with it!).


For our main course we ordered the squid ink pasta, it came with clams and a hot chili oil, which I found really spicy, so I personally didn’t enjoy it that much. I find heat makes my stomach hurt so I like to keep it mild. My criticism is that it did not specify on the menu that the dish was spicy,, so if you’re not into spice I suggest mentioning it! My friends ordered the pappardelle with prime rib and, although they enjoyed it, they found the meat portion sparse.


All in all, I really enjoyed the service, our waitress was wonderful and I really dug the esthetic. Definitely very picturesque! I would love to try out the pizza and the dessert next time!


As always peace, love, and happy eating!


Let me know what you thought of Cima in the comments below and I LOVE FOOD, so let me know what spot I should check out next!!


Rating: ☮ ☮ 1/2


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