How I cheat the Cold & Flu- Holistic Tips and Tricks


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Its that time of year again! Flu Season is upon us 😦 and if you’re anything like me you will definitely experience a cold or flu-like symptom in some way over this winter season. I personally like to focus on prevention rather than treatment. I do not take the flu shot, but this is totally a personal choice so if you do choose to that’s a great form of prevention. However, I wanted to provide you with my list of top 5 Holistic cold and flu prevention measures I like to take during this season to cheat the dreaded cold!
1. Get your beauty sleep

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! Going a full day without a proper amount of sleep (which is approximately seven hours for adults) is no joke, not only for your looks but your immune system as well! Getting less than five hours of sleep can really mess up your immune system, which will make it very difficult for you to fight off infection. I am definitely guilty of not getting enough Zzzz and I also find it hard to wind down after a long day, here are a few products and tips that I have tried and tested to help me wind down in the evenings.

  1. St. Francis Herb Farm ValeriClam Sleep and Anxiety Drops– This is perfect on the days when my anxiety is a bit high, whether I just had a bad day or I am feeling anxious about the next day! I like to drop about two drops into my mouth and then sip water or a calming decaf free tea after. The taste can be a bit strong so I tend to reach for a tea but you get used to it after time. I just find it has a warming sensation so pairing it with the tea just helps you cozy up so you can get to sleep quick!
  2. Webbers Naturals Super Sleep– If you find it really challenging to wind down in the evening you’re not alone! In this fast past, screen filled, coffee chugging world we live in, it’s no wonder we find it hard to turn off! I recently received the Webber Naturals Super Sleep natural melatonin caplets from my friends at Social Nature. I have been trying these out recently and I have to say I really think they help! Very similar to the drops mentioned above they give a warming sensation that I find really calming. The pills are pretty small, but I’m not a huge pill person, I hate swallowing them (I know kinda weird but I manage). Even though I hate pills, I recommend giving them a try! I really prefer natural sleep aids over medical grade as they kinda scare me because they can be so powerful. I think that even though natural sleep aids may not knock you out, they definitely give a calming sensation that helps me wind down which is really all the help I need thankfully.
  3. The last suggestion would be trying out your own wind-down routine. My dear friend gifted me the Saje Sleep Well Kit and it is the perfect wind-down routine in a box! It includes a lavender bath soak, baths are a great way to relax the whole body and are perfect before bed. Adding in claiming salts and oils really enhance the muscle-melting benefits that baths have to offer. It also includes a relaxing mist, I love this as it helps to keep my room and bed smelling fresh and this spray smells so lovely with hints of lavender and vanilla, so perfect! It also has an eye mask and sleep oil remedy, the eye mask is divine it is filled with lavender and chamomile and it blocks out all the light and the sleep remedy is a blend of essential oils that relax muscles and smells so cozy. I like to work it onto my neck and shoulders as they tend to always be so tense. The best part is this kit is so easy to create for yourself, you could totally make or find all these items easily in stores. I like to store this kit in my bedside table so it’s always there if I need it! (this would also make a great travel aid).


2.  Healthy Home

We hear it all the time wash your hands, carry hand sanitizer, don’t touch doors the whole works! But what I found to be a really helpful trick is to clean smart and often. I started to really pay attention to key bacteria spots, which includes disinfecting pretty much anything you put your hands on day to day but you never really think to clean. Such as your work desk or area, pens or mouse and keyboard, remotes, light switches, steering wheel.  I think this really can make a huge difference in the number of bacteria you actually come into contact with. Also running an air purifier or diffuser is a great way to fight the airborne bacteria in your home! Teal tree oil, Lemongrass and eucalyptus, just to name a few, offer bacteria-fighting benefits and congestion relief!

3. Eat smart and supplement

These days there are just so many supplements on the market! But I like to stick to my OG’s vitamins like Vitamin C, D and Zinc. Zinc really helps with congestion and sore throat so it’s a must-have in our home. But honestly, if you eat a balanced diet and be sure to include greens and fruits you will for sure have all that you need to fight off infection. I also like to take a swig of natural cold and flu medications whenever I feel the slightest hint of a cold or flu! And it seems to work pretty well for me. I was recently sent St. Francis Stop it Cold Cough Syrup from Social Nature to try out. Just last week I felt that scratch in my throat, so I took a small bit over a few days and I was A-okay, it seemed to halt whatever I may have caught! This product is pretty great tasting, I think it does a good job of coating your throat! An alternative is a few drops of oil of oregano but be warned this stuff is not the most pleasant tasting thing in the world!!!
4. Workout

I know you have probably head this before but working out can really help you prevent the cold and flu! And here’s why it simply promotes blood circulation and thus it promotes the activity of your immune system. Those white blood cells can get to infection sites faster and work to stop the spread of infection through the body! Not to mention a good sweat always feels so cleansing to me!

5. Detox Inside and Out

My final suggestion is flushing out the body regularly and honestly the best way to do this is really simple, drink loads of water. Well not too much but enough to make you pee a lot! I know this seems weird but the best way to get stuff out is through your pee. I also like to do face masks and foot masks.  I know not everyone is convinced of the benefits of clay mask detox but I like the effect they have on my skin and on my overall feeling of wellbeing. I like to do a bentonite clay mask to the feet and face once a month or so. What makes this clay so special is that it is has a strong negative charge, thus it can pull out toxins from your skin as well as hydrogen allowing for more oxygen in the blood, thus increase circulation.  Resulting in both glowing skin and stronger immunity! I picked mine up at Goodness Me for about $35

Hopefully, these tips help you cheat the cold and flu this winter season! Let me know what your favourite natural cold and flu remedies are in the comments! I love growing my Holistic flu-fighting recipes!

Until next time!

Loads of good health and happiness!

The Hamilton Hippie✌️❤️


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