Pour a Little (less) Sugar On Me!

IMG_4866.JPGMy Tips & Tricks for cutting down on sugar

Sugar may be sweet, but it comes at a cost! It can cause diabetes, excess weight gain, heart disease and much more! And the worst part is sugar can sneak right up on you!

I find when we begin to watch our weight the first thing we look out for is our calorie intake, but calories are only one part of a complex and tricky balance! This time around I decided I break down my biggest vice SUGAR!

Here are a few tips I found to help me cut the sugar craze!

1)You are what you …Drink!?

So many drinks are packed with sugar, juice may seem like a cheeky step down from pop, but many juices have just as much sugar, if not more. I decided to stop the pop cold turkey and replace with water, but I found plain old water pretty bland! So I got creative, I decided to go with sparkling mineral water (San Pellegrino) and mix it up with loads of ice, berries, and mint to give it that cocktail twist! This has helped me so much with giving up the juice, 5 weeks strong!

2) Let’s get Saucy!

I know this one can be tricky! I am a diehard for the sauces I enjoy, however I was very shocked to see all the sugar in some of my holy grail sauces! I know most people are aware of sauces being a hidden sort of excess sugar, but find it to be hard to cut.

My tip, Keep it simple! I literally use honey for everything, honey is naturally sweeter than sugar and as such, less can be used without having to sacrifice flavour. Lemon is perfect for dressing salads, fruits and berries work really great in salads too and can help to add flavour so that a sugar-dense dressing is not missed.

3)  Wino..

Alcohol can contain some serious sugar! And there’s more than one good reason to avoid a sweet drink on a night out. Sugar contributes directly to terrible hangovers, and my dear friends, wine tends to contain loads of it. I find my wine palate has changed over the years from sweet rosés to now more crispy, light and, above all, low sugar whites. I love a red wine, especially over the winter months but they can be high in sugar too! My tip for wine and booze is probably pretty obvious, read the labels, avoid cocktails (especially on a wild night) and cut back!

4) Ditch the Desserts (but not really)

It’s important not to deny yourself altogether, as with anything in life, moderation is key. I will be the first to admit that I have quite the sweet-tooth, the thing that I have found most helpful with curbing my dessert cravings is having homemade dessert alternatives. When you make your own desserts you can naturally manage the amount of added sugar and, while some ingredients like fruit have naturally occurring sugars, it is more important to avoid refined, added sugars. If ice cream is your treat of choice, be sure to check out my post on how to make DAIRY FREE ICECREAM.

I have seen so many positive results since cutting back on my sugar intake, and using these tips it has really been quite easy, best of luck cutting back!

Peace and Love

Hamilton Hippie


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