The Working on my Fitness Series- Studio Zee Pilates

I am back with another review for you all! This time I have ventured off to the lovely Studio Zee Platies and Zee Float studio!

A few weeks back I attended a lovely blogger event, held at Studio Zee Platies, the class was lead by the studio director Stacey. The class was approximately 60 minutes and was a mix of pilates and ballet class, and unlike any class, I have been to before. They called this class Barre-None, it is a combination of classical ballet, yoga, and pilates.

image1 (2).JPGimage2 (1).JPG

For the longest time, I have wanted to check out a Barre class, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived! The studio space is lovely and full of mirrors, which takes me back to my childhood dance lesson days. I loved that it brought back the skills from my years of dance lessons and that it felt like less of a workout and more like a dance lesson. Stacey incorporated many different elements into the workout; weighted medicine balls, the dance bar, mat work. I personally really enjoy this variation, as I can find working out a bit stale. As for workout intensity, I would say medium to high (although this was introductory),  I feel this class could definitely get up there in intensity. Stacey was extremely welcoming and knowledgeable, she made me feel really comfortable and provided a wealth of knowledge! I actually learned a lot and I really liked that she took the time not just to show us the motions, but took the time to identify the muscle groups that we were working.

After class, Stacey showed us around the studio. Studio Zee offers much more than pilates! They provide a wide range of therapeutic exercise services and modified exercise services. She showed us a workout tool called a reformer. The reformer allows for modified exercises and can do so many things, it amazing! I love that Studio Zee seems really passionate about providing those who need modified workout options to continue to lead active lifestyles!

I would definitely recommend checking out a class for yourself!

Click here for more on Studio Zee Palates

Peace & Love

Rating: ☮☮☮☮


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