We’ll All Float on Again

The sister business to Studio Zee Plates is located just one floor below! Zee Float is another one of a kind experience. I was lucky enough to receive a free float session with one of my besties a few weeks ago! From the moment you walk in, the atmosphere is so relaxing. I was given a tour and instructions and then headed into the Cabin float room.

The concept is simple but has huge benefits for your mind and body. Zee Float is essentially float therapy, you float in 10 inches of water with 850 pounds of Epsom salt. Because the water is so contracted with the Epsom salt it is literally impossible not to float. The benefits of float therapy are that it allows your mind and body to relax, your muscles can completely relax as you float. Epsom Salt contains magnesium, which helps reduce stress, anxiety,  sleep, circulation, headaches. When you get into the float room there is a shower complete with soap and conditioner (btw the conditioner smells AMAZING it was Rosemary and I loved it!) They ask that you begin with a shower and then head into the tank. The Cabin rooms tank is the largest so if you struggle with claustrophobia this is a great room for you. You have the option to keep the door open also if you need the extra space (I kept mine open). The water was the perfect temperature,  surprisingly never got cold which I figured it would with time. They provided you with towels and earplugs, pretty much everything you need. I laid back and let myself float away! I honestly found it hard to stay still! But once I got comfortable I just drifted off and it was a really cool feeling, I felt light and my whole body felt relaxed! I almost fell asleep!

After my float, I showered and it was amazing to just stand under the warm water and de-salt! (Side Note-salt gets everywhere and when it dries it gets a grainy again, so wash your ears! lol) I went out into the common dressing room, where they had body cream, face/ body serum

(RDevine Scared Clam, a holy grail beauty product for me and you can save 15% with code HamiltonHippie here) hair dryers, towels, sink…everything really! I really thought this was a great touch, not only that they had one of my favorite local products but just how they really thought of everything.

The next part is really cool and takes thoughtfulness to another level, after every soak you have access to the oxygen bar, kombucha on tap, teas, and water. So what the heck is an oxygen bar!? Oxygen bars are literally a device that will pump oxygen through your nostrils. The oxygen is infused with food grade scents and/or essential oil blends that deliver a variety of benefits including reduced stress, congestion relief, improved sleep quality, and energy benefits. I loved it! I found it really recharging for me, I felt my energy levels increase within about 10 mins. I think it varies with which scent you choose but I loved it and would totally do it again! I also had the best tea and catch up with my friend in this relaxing lounge!

For me this entire experience was relaxing, the shower before and after, the float was great because I found myself for once not thinking about work!! (That is literally a MIRACLE) The lounge was an amazing touch which just added to the whole experience perfectly, and the company wasn’t bad either!

I think everyone should try this out a least one it would make a great date night or just a fun activity to try out especially if you’re looking for a relaxation or a stress break! It felt like a mini retreat that was soo welcome. I would like to thank SO Hamilton and Zee Float for this healing experience!

Best part, I want you to try it too!! Let me know what you think in the comments. Mention Hamilton Hippie to save $20.00 on your first float!

For more info Check out Zee Float here


Rating: ☮☮☮☮


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