Working on My Fitness Series Vol #2-Tri-Mom Studio


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I was invited to try out TriMom Studio in Waterdown, and do not let the name fool you this is literally the strongest group of women I have ever met!  I would not wanna mess with any of these Mommas!

Owner and operator Amy is amazing, she is literally super mom! She found her passion for physical fitness through her experience as a mother. She discovered that physical fitness was an extremely positive influence in her life and a way to rediscover herself outside of motherhood. This lead Amy to represent Canada at the 2013 ITU World Championships, leading eventually to the birth of two passions; being a mom and fitness, TriMom Studio!

TriMom offers a variety of interesting classes, that are at ideal times for Moms or ladies with a busy work schedule. TriMom aims to take the chore out of working out by offering a relaxed environment where moms can bring children to some classes, and class times are structured around two ideal time blocks, in the morning between 6- 9am and then again from around 7-9pm. The class sizes are small and intimate allowing for a one-on-one attention and greater comfort. The classes are really cool! Amy offers TRX-Rings, Hit 30, Bootcamp, Strength, and Power. I’ll walk you through the classes Amy so kindly invited me to try out!

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The first class I attended was the weightless class, which uses TRX-Rings, this was unlike any fitness class I have been to.The class takes place on rings, like the ones gymnasts use! This was definitely an intense class! The weightless class works to build muscle tone through your own body weight, this process requires you to support yourself with the rings the more you lean into the rings the harder it becomes. This process I felt targeted exactly what I am looking to work on at the moment, upper body strength, core and muscle tone! I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a really good workout that focuses on strength building and definition. This class definitely works the whole body, I felt it the next few days from head to toe.

The second class I attended was a bootcamp class, these classes are done in a circuit style! This was a really intense class that takes you through series of workouts that each target different areas, encompassing the whole body. I found this workout really challenging, but really rewarding when you complete the class! The circuit includes cardio, legs, arms, core, and the booty! I believe the class is one hour and is offered a few days a week. This class is definitely a complete workout, and I would highly recommend trying it out!

Overall, I would have to say I really enjoyed my experience at TriMom! And would most definitely return for a few reasons. The first is value, Amy knows her stuff and she provides great one-on-one attention to everyone in class and these workouts are challenging and actually really make you work which I find not all fitness class really do, and the cost for membership based on the quality of service you receive is a great deal in my opinion! She offers an all access pass for $120 per month and then you can also purchase 6 and 12 class passes.

I will definitely be returning! This would be perfect to do before a vacation, wedding or event and this is  great for all the mommas out there looking to loose the post baby weight.But the great thing about trimom is that it would work for anyone regardless of your momma status (Yay Fur mommies).


Once again, I would like to thank Amy for having me! It was a pleasure to check out your cute studio and try these wicked workouts!

If you would like to try out TriMom, Amy is hosting a free Bootcamp to kick off 2018 on December 30th, click here to register! If you can’t make it to the free Bootcamp do not despair! The first TriMom class is always free!

Be sure to keep up with me in my fitness series, there is so much more to come. I have been attending Trimom over the past month in conjunction with my local gym about 2 days a week! (Look out for my Crunch Fitness review soon to come blog) So far in this series, I have gone down 1 whole pant size! So I am so excited to continue to share this series with you all and share my progress and experience!

Peace and Love

The Hamilton Hippie✌🏾

PS. Be sure to leave recommendations for fitness studios for me to try out in the comments!


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