Hip Fashion – Dressing for the season!

I know that I am a bit late to the party but, the winter season is upon us and with all the snow last week I think it is long overdue to share with you all my coat collection!  Now, this is not my complete coat collection but these have to be my top go-to coats over the past few weeks!

They are all cozy and comfy and definitely on trend for this winter season. These coats all fit different purposes and occasions. When looking for my coat I really like to create versatility in my collection, so I have light to heavy duty coats for when its wicked cold and then lighter ones for formal/ professional or casual occasions. But most importantly I like having coats that can be versatile, easy to dress up and down and will stay in trend for the next season.

So let get into it….
The Structured Coat

I love this trend piece, I have another one in this style in beige! This one I purchased from Zara for about $70.00. This is not overly warm as it is not lined and not real wool or super thick, but I do like the fit of the coat as there is loads of room for me to layer underneath. I find the struggle with the structured coats is that I find they can be tight fitting and thus hard to layer underneath without going way up in size. I am hopeful that this coat will hold its shape, the problem with it being so thin is that it might not with time. I love to dress this coat up but I especially love wearing this coat with sneakers and jeans in a more dressed down street style. Because I have gotten so much wear out of this coat I would definitely invest in a higher quality version of this coat.image5.jpeg

Get it here 

The Fur ….

I have been rocking a fur coat since I was four and I do not intend to stop now! I absolutely love that fur coats have remained a coat staple and this year the longer fur coats are definitely all the rage! Although this is not a long coat I have been loving the colour and feel of this thrifted coat I picked up for $8.00 from Bibles For Mission Thrift (one of my favs)! I believe this is synthetic fur but it is such good quality! I love the fit also, as it is just the right amount of oversize and length. I love to play around with the fur dressing in up and down, I can literally wear it anywhere, from grocery shopping to the bar!IMG_0561.jpg

Top fur pick here

The Parka

I love this long fitted parka, I picked up this bad boy from Walmart this year for $99, which I think was a great deal! The coat is matte black and has a fur hood trim and very closely resembles a Canada Goose coat but without the hefty price tag! This coat is very warm and has proven to wear excellent, I haven’t found any issues with this coat thus far! Well done Walmart! PS. I have been loving the Canadiana line by Walmart, this jacket is a part of thing line. image2.jpeg

The Over Sized

I love this coat! And it is the oldest in this collection, as I have had it for a few years now.  This very oversized black wool coat is beyond comfy! I love the detail on this coat the wide sleeves that are cuffed, the pockets and finishing along the trim of the coat is so cute. This coat also has a very structured cut. I was going for a Korean inspired look of a very oversized teddy style. This coat is on the thinner side so it is perfect to throw a chunky knit underneath but the quality and shape hold is amazing because it is real wool. I  thrifted this coat for around $15.00 at Salvation Army.IMG_0037.jpg

Top oversize picks here and  here

So that’s a wrap! These are the coats I have been reaching for this winter season! Let me know which one of these is your in the comments!

Until next time! Stay warm out there!

The Hamilton Hippie

Peace & Love

P.S Jackson’s Jacket is from Ren’s Pet Depot





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