My Hydra Facial Experience

My Hydra Facial Experience

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I have another self-care review for you all! I recently won an Instagram giveaway with Rejuvenate Ancaster Cosmetic Spa. They did twelve days of Christmas giveaway, in which every day leading up to Christmas they gave away a different prize and it was really great! (So many local businesses were doing some really generous giveaways so be sure to keep an eye out next year folks!)

I won day number one of the giveaway, which luckily for me was the hydra facial! I have heard so much about these facials on beauty blogs and I was very excited to give this a go!

Rejuvenate Ancaster is located on Wilson St in Ancaster, the building is really nice and rather new, the spa itself is a cute little space very clean and organized. When I arrived I was greeted by Kelly the esthetician. She was really friendly and knowledgeable and explained the entire process as she went, which I loved! It began as most facials do, she asked me about my skin concerns, she assessed my skin and then cleansed my face with Eminence face cleanser ( I believe the clear skin probiotic cleanser, which I purchased and love!) then she started the facial. The hydra facial as you may have guessed involves water, it is all controlled by a machine that uses serum infused water to flush the skin’s pores, removing impurities leaving beautiful glowing skin. It has a bit of a vacuum feeling, as the machine extracts the water, which was not painful but just funny feeling to me. I really felt so clean after, and they can show you what was pulled out of your skin, which I found to be so satisfying! It was so refreshing to know all the nastiness is out of my skin! Another cool feature is that the serums used can target various face concerns, such as aging, or in my case hyperpigmentation. She finished off with a moisturizer, eye cream, and serum by Eminence.

After the facial I immediately notice a healthy, glowing complexion, I really enjoyed this entire process and would definitely recommend this to anyone who has dry skin that is in need of a boost. My skin can get dull and I experience hyperpigmentation from breakouts, but since this treatment, my skin was looking bomb, even a week or so later! I would definitely have this treatment done again. I believe this service cost between $150-200 depending on your problem areas. Although this is a little pricey, the results are worth it!

Once again I would like to thank Rejuvenate Ancaster for this amazing giveaway and experience. An as a special treat for my followers Rejuvenate Ancaster is offering 15% off trying out the Hydra-facial MD treatment! Just mention Hamilton Hippie when booking!

Rating: ☮️☮️☮️☮️

Until next time!

Peace & Love

The Hamilton Hippie



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