The After Party!-My Hangover Helpers!

The After Party!

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I know the day after a night out on the town can leave you feeling a bit bla the next day! Recently I have been eating loads and on the go, this has definitely left me a bit sleep deprived and bloated! So here are my collection of products I love to reach to during this time of year or after a late night out on the town!


  1. Chimes Ginger Chews- I love this not just as a tasty treat but because they are so soothing after a big meal or when ur tummy feels a bit uneasy. Ginger offers a soothing effect to aid digestion and suppress dizziness and nausea as well as support immune function. I picked mine up at Goodness Me or online at, another alternative is to have a Ginger tea or just having a few raw ginger pieces or ginger juice! (Pictured Tetley Ginger and Lemon Tea)
  2. Well’s -Squid Ink Lemonade–  This unique drink gets its name from the activated charcoal that gives it that black squid ink color! This helps with gas and bloating, as well as treating hangovers. I love this great tasting drink, I picked mine up at Goodness Me.🐙
  3. I recently was sent activ-X multivitamin for women by Platinum Naturals from my friends at Social Nature. These multivitamins are intended to give energy to support an active lifestyle by helping to reduce inflammation and aid in antioxidant support. I have been taking these on and off for a few weeks and I have to say when I do take them I do notice a bit more energy and a definite decrease soreness after exercise. When feeling under the weather and low on energy, I love to take a multivitamin like this to give me the extra boost I need to carry on as usual! My only con with this product is that the pills are huge and are liquid-filled capsules which are not fun if like me, and you need to break pills up big pills to be able to swallow them!😝

Hopefully, these tips are helpful for everyone trying to fight off the dreaded New Year hangover or just feeling a bit sluggish after all this year’s holiday festivities!


Peace & Love

The Hamilton Hippie



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