HelloFresh- Is it worth the hype?



Recently my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to try out HelloFresh, a food delivery service that delivers everything you need to create fresh meals right to your doorstep! These meals are all planned out and include all the necessary ingredients and easy to follow instructions to create an amazing meal in 30 minutes.

Our Fresh Box arrived at the front door early that day ( I believe around 11:00 am). The delivery came in a large, temperature controlled box, which kept everything nice and fresh. The box, which is insulated like a cooler, contained a huge bag of ice at the bottom to ensure your food does not spoil if it cannot be brought inside and unpacked immediately. When you open the box you will find three individualized bagged meals, with the proteins stored at the bottom closest to the ice, the fresh ingredients including vegetables, herbs, and sauces, where placed in individually labeled brown bags with the corresponding names and colours to the recipe sheets, which were found on the top right when you open the box. HelloFresh will portion out enough to make a complete meal for two to four people, we had ours portioned for two people.


We received three meals, each which a different protein and each meal surprisingly was so different and definitely not recipes we have attempted to cook before which was really cool! The meals we received include a Pesto Chicken, Pan Seared Steak, and lastly a Thai ‘Pad Krapow Moo’ ( we randomly received a fourth recipe sheet for Fattoush Salad but we got no ingredients for this… ).


The Frist night we decided to tackle the pesto chicken dish, this dish was paired with thyme-roasted parsnips and zucchini ribbons. The recipe card shows what the finished meal should look like on the front, it breaks down the ingredients at the bottom and on the back it breaks down the meal with step by step instructions with images, to the left side there is an ingredient list with the portion amounts, the tools and other ingredient you will need, but are not included, and the list of allergens that may be found in the ingredients for this recipe. As for what ingredients they assume you have seems to be pretty standard such as salt and pepper, sugar, milk, oil, butter, pans and other tools, pretty much pantry staples. The pesto chicken dish came out amazing! It was so delicious and we had a pretty fun time cooking together!


The next night, we tackled the pan-seared steak, it was a pretty simple dish; steak paired with potato and this amazing cherry tomato sauce! I am a huge tomato fan so this was just perfection and surprisingly very simple. I really loved that each meal came with a fresh herb, this meal was a first for us using parsley and we really enjoyed this herb and will definitely use it again. Another bonus is that they give you way more herbs then you need so you have lots left over for other dishes.


The last meal was the best by far! We are really into Asian dishes so this Thai Pad krapow moo was right up our alley. It is a pork-based rice dish which incorporates favorite herb of mine Thai basil and an ingredient we seldom cook with, fresh ginger! This sweet and spicy meal was exactly the kind of weekend comfort food we reach for and a great way to end of this amazing experience.


Pros and Cons




  • Convenience at it finest, dropped to your door, all items packed neatly and all of the ingredients needed are present.
  • The meals are versatile and easy to follow.
  • Such fun for the family, having it delivered and cooking together makes it something the whole family can get into!
  • Keeps you eating in! Because we were excited to try these meals were found ourselves motivated to actually cook and not just grab something on the go!
  • So handy for new cooks, they give you tips and very clear instructions, plus you have the recipes so you can recreate them.
  • They take the bore out of eating the same old home meals! Because we find ourselves often cooking the same stuff over and over this gave us an exciting break and allowed us to get comfortable cooking some new meals we can now incorporate into our meal rotation!
  • No shipping costs!
  • Fresh seasonal ingredients!
  • You can pick and choose what meals you would like to cook.
  • Flexible shipping, so you can postpone if something comes up!




  • The portions were a little off, we found we had a lot of some ingredients (not really a bad thing) and then we found we were a bit short on others.
  • We like to make enough for two meals when we cook at home so we can pack it for lunch the next day
  • No vegan options, no dietary options, however, they do list all allergens and all ingredients come packaged separately so you can omit items.


The Cost?


For a family of four, three meals a week would cost 129.99 so approximately $11.00per person per meal.

I would say this is definitely not as cheap as groceries shopping but you don’t have to leave the house and you don’t need to prep, and its portioned so you would have too much waste


And luckily I have 40% off coupon for you all! HIPPIE40 So why not give it a go!


Is it worth the hype?


I would say Yes! For me I personally really enjoyed it! I know for some the whole actually having to cook the meals as opposed to the meal pre-cooked sounds like a lot of work but I was excited about my meals and loved spending time with my boyfriend cooking them! All in all, I had a really positive experience and would probably order again! I think this would be great for people new to cooking or anyone looking to spice up their dinner routine every once and a while!


Rating: ☮ ☮☮ ☮


Happy Cooking!!


Peace & Love


The Hamilton Hippie

Ps. tag me in your HelloFresh dinners I’d love to see what you make!!!


Use promo code HIPPIE40 for 40% off your first order at hellofresh.ca



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