Working on my Fitness Series – Orangetheory Fitness

A new update on my fitness adventure folks! I have finally checked out Orangetheory Fitness! And I have to say I was positively surprised. I attended Orangetheory for 3 classes at The East Hamilton location in Eastgate Mall.

I often travel to Eastgate Mall for my weekly grocery shop and I have passed by this interesting looking gym that reminded of those high-intensity spinning clubs or something! I was very interested to have a go with this and find out what it’s all about. I reached out to the owner Violet, she is such a sweetheart and is really passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. I love all these amazing female business entrepreneurs that I have had the pleasure of meeting since starting this blog, and Violet is no exception, she is nothing short of a strong businesswoman, with a passion for physical fitness. Violet is a successful corporate woman who took a leap of faith after years trapped in the commute, a one-time patron of Orangetheory, turned owner! Fitness is a lifestyle for her and after the loss of a loved one to cancer she became incredibly focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle for all. As a person with similar experiences, I really resonated with her story and was excited to see what she could do for me.

So how does Orangetheory work?

Orangetheory is a circuit training style fitness center, they run you through a high-intensity 60-minute workout combining treadmill, rower, and weight work. The workout is guided by a trainer, who guides you through the various paces, motivates, and corrects any issues in your form to ensure that you get the most out of your workout.

One unique element of these workout classes was the use of heart monitors, your heart rate is displayed on the screen above the machines and weight area allowing you to monitor your heart rate. This is important because the workouts are set to focus on getting your body more conditioned and allowing you understanding your physical exertion, which allows you to adjust your pace in order to get the most out of your workout and to do it safely.


The Workout

The workout, as I stated above, is all based around heart rate and pace. The intervals work within three paces; base pace (this is the warm up or comfort zone), push pace (this is the burning zone) and all out pace ( this is what I think to think of as the gain zone, where you can build strength and endurance)

I found that this structure helped me to focus on setting a good pace for my workout as well as helping me to determine what I need to do in order to really burn the most calories. The heart rates are placed into categories; Grey 50-60% max heart rate (resting), Blue 61-70% of maximum heart rate (warm-up), Green 71-83% max heart rate (fat burn zone) , Orange 84-91% (creates EPOC) Red 92-100% (stress zone). As the workout progresses, the trainer takes you through these paces in intervals over a circuit of various exercises, while calling you to pay attention to how you feel and your heart rate, in order to build more strength and stamina leading to a better condition body, better health and of course a more toned physique!

My first class was a partner class,  another member and I were partnered together, one started on the treadmill and other on the rower and then after a period of time we switched from rower to treadmill, to weight area and cycled through this for 60 mins. There is loads of music and motivation from the trainer, and no two workouts are ever the same. At the end of class, you can see which heart rate zone you spent the most time in. Ideally, you would want to spend the most time in green or orange and the lowest amount of time in red and grey. It also displays your total calories burned during the workout, best part they can email these to you after each class. Orangetheory also has an app that allows you to book classes and track results from each class.

All in all, I really enjoyed my classes at Orangetheory! I loved how friendly everyone was, how social it was too! Thre is a real sense of community with various fitness challenges and events, all the staff and clients were nice and chatty. The workouts were always different and exciting and they had a great playlist of music, but most of all I felt like I got a great workout each time I went and loved that I could see how many calories I burned after which really motivated me to do better each time.

You can sign up here to check out a free week of classes

Congrats to our GIVEAWAY Winner Chelsea! She wone a free month of classes with Orangetheory!!! Be sure to check out my Instagram I am always doing giveaways and follow my day to day on my stories!!

Until my next workout adventure as for now, I am back to my regular gym!

Peace & Love

The Hamilton Hippie

PS. Let me know where I should go next in the comments Hamilton!!!


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