Day in Wine Country!- A Tasting at LakeView Winery

Day in Wine Country!- A Tasting at LakeView Winery


A few weekends back my partner and I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon in Niagara-on-the-lake at one of the biggest producers of VQA wines in the region! Lakeview Winery’s story is pretty amazing, they produce over 20 brands of wines, many of which are household names including 20 Bees, Fresh Wines, and Lakeview Cellars.

We began with a warm welcome for the staff and headed into the tasting building, which is really cool, it has loads of glass mirrors that give it a grand and open feel, with amazing views of the vast winery.

We were then greeted by our guide who showed us around the property with a bag full of delicious wines for us to try! We began the tour in the vinyard, it was so cool to get to see the grapes up close. Our guide explained how the grapes are harvested, growing techniques, the types of wine that were yielded from these different techniques. It was amazing, so much information was shared throughout the whole tour and I really liked the transparency in their production process.

IMG_0264We started off with the FRESH Wines Sparkling Riesling, this was so light and crisp with hints of fruitiness, but it was not overly sweet, so you could enjoy a few glasses easily. What I love about FRESH wines is their amazing bottle art! They use local artists to create unique labels for each of their wines in this collection, and at the price of $15.95 you can’t go wrong! SHOP HERE

We then tried out the Lakeview Cellars Kerner, this wine was really unique! I had never heard of a Kerner before, and for good reason, it is not too common and is actually made from a hybrid grape! What was really cool was because this hybrid grape required such precise growing conditions, she could show us, on a map, exactly where the grapes were grown for this particular wine!  As for taste, again the wine was not overly sweet, and had notes of citrus and peach. This wine was really unlike any white wine I have every tired before! I would highly recommend picking this one up ( I picked one up lol) it goes for $18.95! Great value for an easy to drink wine that will be a hit at your next dinner party! SHOP HERE


We followed the Kerner with a very easy to drink Satin Red by FRESH wines. This is the perfect intro to red wine if you looking for a good place to start! Its smooth, light and would pair perfectly with a rich roast dinner. Price for this bottle is 12.95, so again you can’t go wrong! SHOP HERE



IMG_0267We then headed into the cellars and they were huge! We were given a lesson in how icewines are produced and how much work and precision goes into making a “true” icewine and by the sounds of things it isn’t easy! We tried both a white icewine and a red icewine by Lakeview Cellars. Let me tell you the 2017 Cabernet Franc icewine was AMAZING, it literally tastes like a berry jam. Icewine is really sweet, so I know many people don’t know exactly get what to do with it, but it is really great to cook with and use for dishes like ice cream bowls, or over a sponge cake, mixed into berries to make a topping for pancakes (or anything really), or in cocktails and spritzers. There is so much you can do with a good icewine! This one sells for approx. $30, you can view some ice wines HERE


I would like to thank LakeView and Enterprise for this amazing opportunity to explore our amazing backyard that is Niagara Wine Country! It’s a little slice of heaven on earth so be sure to swing by over the last few days of summer you won’t regret it Hamilton!

Until next time endless peace, love & wine



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