We are on Youtube!

Exciting news! We are officially on the Youtube!

So why join Youtube?

I am a long time Youtube junkie, discovering youtube back in the mid 2000s. I would mainly go this platform for tv show uploads and music back then, but in 2011/2012, I discovered a whole new world on Youtube! The beauty blogger community (if that’s what you wanna call them). I was in search of videos on how to deal with my curly hair, how to do my makeup and what to wear and I was so amazed to find soo many YouTubers who looked like me!

And just like that, I was hooked because, for the first time in my life, I was able to see myself projected on some form of mainstream media. As a person who is of mixed race, being half black and half white it has been extremely difficult in regards to the hair and beauty industry and how many of the trends applied to someone like me. We were not often represented and products for those of us I like to call “in the middle” were few and far between. Things have come a long way since those days and if I’m being honest it should be even better…. but all in all, through Youtube I was able to connect with other individuals who I feel had the same struggle and they helped me by sharing products that worked for their skin and hair. This created a somewhat of an emotional connection for me to Youtube and now I want to join the community by creating my own content.

What to expect on this channel?


I love vlogs, I don’t know if its because I am nosey but I just love peeking into people lives. So follow along with myself, my boyfriend Conn and our fur baby Jax and our lives in Canada! and some cool spots in Hamilton!


I also love seeing shopping content including what clothing people are buying, food, home decor and of course, thrifting hauls, because I am a thrift shop addict!


I also love hearing product reviews and learning what products are worth buying. I love them in the form of monthly favorites so look out for that!


I have a love/ hate with these types of videos, but I do find them interesting and helpful at times…so I will see if I can make some good ones at some point!

And as always I am open to suggestions! I want to get creative with this so please let me know what you want to see on my channel! But all in all, I just want it to be fun easy going channel! Nothing too serious or trying too hard, just a natural peek into my life and hopefully this will be helpful and or bring joy to my viewers! and of course, I want to show you all Hamilton so don’t worry I have loads of things planned!!

So say tuned and be sure to subscribe!

Endless Peace and Love

The Hamilton Hippie


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