Self Care Sundays- Spring is in the air!- A Review of The Wax Lounge

Happy Sunday! Today I wanted to give a review of my recent experience at the Wax Lounge.

I choose to got with a crimson red!
Its been about 4 days since my pedicure and its still looks amazing!

The Wax Lounge spa has been around for several years now! Opening its doors on Ottawa St and then moving to its current location on 233 Locke Street South. It’s new home on Locke is in a beautiful century home turned store front. I absolutely love the interior with it’s rustic charm, an elegant mix of soft light colours, and cozy wood accents.

The front reception is surrounded by loads of local and natural beauty goodies, including face, body and make up products including brands like Province Apothecary and Elate cosmetics

Front lobbie and store area.

I was booked in for a spa pedicure and I was beyond excited after a rather long work day to just take a few moments to decompress and relax all while getting my feet looking on point.

I was greeted by the aesthetician and lead into a dim private room with a massage table. So what makes this pedicure unlike anything I have experienced is the fact that it is done while you lie down on a heated massage bed, tucked in a blanket with a calming eye mask. It is so hard to not fall asleep (I did a few times lol).

So how does this all work? Well when I first came into the room, I was instructed to soak my feet in warm water, then lay down on the massage bed, from there one of my feet was uncovered and worked on, beginning with an exfoliation and then then cuticle clean up, trim and finally both feet and legs were massaged! and OMG it was amazing! I felt so relaxed after the massage. Then the toes are painted and left to dry for a bit and then if you’re like me you are woken up and you can slowly get up and head on your way!

I would highly recommend this to everyone it such a unique and indulgent pedicure! so unlike any pedicure I have had before! I believe this pedicure runs for $60 and is 60 mins in length. They have so many amazing services on their website and, of course, as the name suggests, The Wax Lounge provides waxing services.

Be sure to head over to my Instagram for your chance to WIN a manicure and pedicure so you can experience this for yourself!

As always Peace & Love

The Hamilton Hippie

PS. Students save 10%!!!


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