A quick getaway

My partner and I had a quick, one night getaway at Niagara Falls! This was a very welcomed escape, as we were both really wound up with life. We arrived at Four Points by Sheraton Falls View and experienced a breeze of a check-in. 

The room we had selected was the King Room with Whirlpool tub! There were a couple things that drove us to select the Sheraton for our stay. When I am planning my hotel for a vacation I like to focus on three key aspects; room selection, location, and value. The Sheraton has a great room selection, they offer a variety of room styles that met our needs. We settled on the King room with Whirlpool tub. I love having the tub in my room for a few reasons, one it just makes the room more grand, two I love hot tubs and baths and its the perfect combo because it’s like having your own private hot tub! I brought my MelaBath bath bomb (in lavender), these bath bombs are amazing! Your skin will feel so smooth for days after using one!  The room was very big and had a lovely, plush, all white bed and separate shower area. It also had this big armoire that had a full-length mirror, which is key for outfit decisions! The room was spotless and great amities in the room and in the hotel itself. The hotel has a pool, spa, restaurants, bars and Starbucks (be warned, the Starbucks is VERY pricey).

The location of the Four Points by Sheraton Fallsview was another aspect that played into our choice to stay there, as it is connected to the Fallsview Casino, which is amazing if you are catching a show at the casino theatre, and lucky for us we were! We received tickets and backstage passes to see Howard Jones. Our family member performs in his band as one of the drummers and it was an absolute pleasure to see her do her thing. Howard was very entertaining and is a talented artist! It was a really cool experience going backstage and meeting the crew and band, we had a really magical time!

Prior to the show, we met up with family members at Canyon Creek located in the Fallsview casino mall. This mall, casino, and theatre are all connected to the Sheraton, the mall is packed with shops, restaurants, pretty much everything. We didn’t have to step outside once! Which in the winter is wonderful, no need to carry around heavy jackets! Canyon Creek was delicious it was our first time there. We ordered the steak and lobster and a cocktail called Foxy Lady, IT WAS HUGE! So I think it makes for great value! Canyon Creek made for an excellent quality, convenient dinner option.


image1 (5).JPG

After the show, we went to the casino and walked about the mall! The next morning I had a second soak in the tub! And then we went to IHop for breaky. We had received a bunch of coupons for various restaurants and attractions upon check-in. One of which was a $15.00 credit to IHop, but be warned it is overpriced, most adult entries are about $20.00 each so it works out to be 30.00 for two people before drinks and taxes, so a bit higher than your local diner breaky. The food was good, we got a traditional breakfast combo with the eggs, bacon, and hash with the pumpkin spice pancakes (soooo good) and then we also got the chicken and waffles, this was not so good it was literally chicken strips and a waffle…

Check out was 12 pm which I loved, I hate when its really early and you feel all rushed as I am not a morning person. The parking was really the only con I had for this hotel as it was across the street and was I believe it was $25.00. All in all, I really enjoyed our stay! The savings were definitely in not having to cab about the falls all evening and having a clean and luxurious room wasn’t bad either. The room we stayed in would make for a great romantic getaway! I would definitely stay there again and I would highly recommend looking out for promotions and Groupon deals for this hotel.

I love staying at the falls and will most likely return again soon! I’ve stayed in so many hotels but I would love to hear your favourite hotel and attractions at the falls in the comments!

As always Peace and Love,

The Hamilton Hippie


P.S Thanks to Emily and Tony for hooking us up with the free passes! For more information about Emily or Remote Drum Recordings, check out her website here.


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