About last night….. Girls Night In- Milli Event

I had a fab time checking out some amazing fashion while trying some delicious treats and sipping the most delectable cocktails, all while learning about fitness, beauty, and the latest fashion trends, all with one of my most hilarious and fabulous friends!  

Milli is a historic feature of Hamilton that focuses on high quality, high-end fashion. Since I can remember I have always wanted to venture into this iconic store!  It looked so chic and sophisticated with it dazing display windows showcasing the most amazing fashion pieces! It was unlike anything I had ever seen in Hamilton, it is what I imaged the boutiques in Europe to be like and I couldn’t wait to one day go in and see what they had in the store!

Finally, I not only had the chance to visit, but I was welcomed in for their Girls Night Out event this past Thursday, January 18th. Milli is named after the owner opened in Hamilton in 1964 and despite the ups and downs in her life, Milli created a name for herself both in Canadian fashion and throughout the world, some of her accomplishments include creating her own fashion line, Hamilton and Toronto storefront locations, and working in tv and media, all over a healthy 5 decade career!

This event theme was based on movement, the various elements of the event focused on getting you to promote movement in your body, which is so essential to overall health. As we moved through the various stations set up inside the store, we learned about various forms of movement, the first and most obvious is movement through exercise. A trainer from OHSO Fitness took us through a mini exercise session (during which I almost broke a sweat, so thank heavens I came dressed appropriately). He was really great! The sessions included arms, legs, and core, in a few minutes I had a full body workout!

The second station was a presentation from Aimee from Smooth Skin Care Center, the discussion focused on the importance of movement pertaining to the promotion and maintenance of good skin health, Aimee explains that movement in the form of exfoliation is of utmost importance as our skin cells are constantly turning over, old dead cells and pollutants can build upon our skin, suffocating new skin and creating a variety of issues. The best way to promote healthy skin it to get this dead skin off, and we do so by exfoliation both physically, like using a spinning face brush, or chemically with a mask or peel. Amiee has a counterintuitive approach to skincare, she is strongly anti moisturization! It was a really interesting discussion and I am very interested to pay her a visit to learn more!

The third station was a fashion segment with the lead buyer for Milli, which showcased the latest trends and arrivals at Milli for the upcoming season. What I really enjoyed about this segment was the importance and emphases Milli places on quality and versatility of individual pieces. She presented many pieces and I love that she emphasized which trends were going to last and which trends would make for good investments. I think this is a very important aspect of fashion these days and especially with higher range fashion, as people want to make the most of their wardrobe and many people want to build a sustainable and timeless wardrobe. As we all know, fashion tends to repeat itself, but many people (including myself) find it hard to build a strong stable wardrobe to invest in and build on. I think Milli’s team is on the right track with this very important rising trend in today’s fashion consumer.

The fourth station was all about food, and was it ever delicious! Twisted Lemon chef and Aimee of Smooth Skin Care Center co-created a delicious cocktail for the evening with the theme centered around movement. This tangy and sweet cocktail including healing and preventive ingredients designed to keep things moving from the inside to combat the long winter months. With ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, honey, and lemon to name a few, this cocktail was packed with some of my own favorite health tonic ingredients. Laurie, chef, and owner of Twisted Lemon, is very passionate about creating fresh, organic, high-quality food. A family-run labor of love, this fine dining restaurant located in the cottage country of Cayuga aims to provide wholesome food to its patrons. We sampled deviled eggs filled with creamed avocado, turkey balls, and delicious banana bread to name a few! They were all so delicious, and with everything made from scratch, in-house, it’s no wonder! Twisted Lemon host so many events and partners with Smooth Skin Health on a variety of events year round including adult acne SOS and upcoming couples retreat, focusing on food, beauty and relaxation, what more could you ask for?!

Another participant for the event was Margaret’s Legacy, a non-profit for Holocaust tolerance education. They created a documentary titled Margaret and Arthur’s story, and you can check out more about this fantastic organization here.

I love any opportunity to meet and connect with other female Hamiltonian entrepreneurs who have become so successful, despite adversity and hardships! It really makes you feel proud to belong to a community of some pretty amazing women! I would once again like to thank Milli and her team for inviting me to this event! If you have not visited the store, I urge you to do so, it such a Hamilton fashion landmark! They also have a sale on running (I believe) until Sunday, and they have a number of upcoming events that are great for those interested in learning about fashion and the latest trends!


Peace & Love

The Hamilton Hippie✌🏾

PS. I am so gutted! I have lost a few of my best photos! So here are the few I could scrap together! 😞



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