About Last Night- Hip Happenings: Toronto Fashion Week



Hey Y’all! I am back with another about last night recap, I am very excited to share my experience at my first ever Toronto Fashion Week event! I attended last night’s 6:00 pm show for Hillary MacMillan.

I was so excited to attend this amazing event in Canadian Fashion! So let’s break it down….I did not attend as media to this event, I purchased these tickets at like $30.00 a piece! (Which I thought was a bit steep for one show, but was it ever a beautiful show!)

Hilary Macmillan’s fall 2018 line was so incredible, loads of flashy pieces and I mean Flashy! The line was filled with metallics, leathers, and pastels. I loved how feminine everything was, and flowy even though it was centered around leather and this rock’n roll vibe. She really gave the pieces movement, with her use of lighter colours and flowy materials, ruching and cuts, it all came together so beautifully. Hillary Macmillan is a Toronto based designer her cruelty-free line is very dynamic and very trendy. I personally really loved the metallic pieces, the pink metallic jacket is AMAZING! I am a huge fan of the rock and roll look so I really enjoyed this alternative collection. It’s very clean lines and light colours make for a very modern flair, but the use of materials and cuts come together to create a soft and feminine feel.

As for the event itself, the location was very cool! Right in the heart of Yorkville in Toronto’s downtown. This infamous high-end fashion hub is littered with all the high street brands. The venue is the event space within the Yorkville Village, it was decorated beautifully with dresses hanging from the ceiling and lovely decor. The Grey Goose cocktails were delicious and beautiful! The layout was confusing I didn’t know where to go and if it was up or down, the center is full of stores and so that was a bit distracting. When we walked into the show we discovered we had arranged seating which was a bit confusing because we were all just lead in at once and then we had to figure out where my name was bc our tickets were not filled out with the seating info, so everyone was just walking around confused.

All in all, I would say this was a great experience! I would love to have attended more shows but it was far too much to buy multiple tickets. Although it was a last min purchase they may have had better deals for advance tickets. I felt the show’s production itself was great and was really professional. I definitely would recommend attending in the feature and I can’t wait to see how this event will grow! I love celebrating Canadian fashion and it is so very important that we all show support and appreciation for local talent.

Yay for the Canadian fashion community! I hope to attend more events like this in the feature, I love seeing people get excited and celebrate fashion! My recommendations; so worth the price if you are going to see a designer you know and love definitely go, it such a cool experience! Best bang for your buck, try to buy early if they have a week pass presale or something I would go for that and if you can’t afford the tickets but you love fashion, volunteer! This is a great way to attend events like these such as music festivals etc. they are great ways to experience events and network!


Until next time

Peace & Love✌🏾♥️

The Hamilton Hippie



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