Blowing Red Kisses …..😘


image1 (10)

Pictured is Magnetic Matte in Vino.

I am loving this matte lipstick from NudeStix cosmetics.

This deep red is so easy to apply, which is great for makeup beginners! I find I don’t necessarily need a lip liner with it, which is great! The colour payoff and last is really impressive, I actually like the subtlety as it fades off slightly (I did not put a heavy or full amount on in the picture).

Although it is matte, it’s not super drying either but I do like to base it with an all natural moisturizing lip chap. This product costs $28.00 which may seem like a lot for a lipstick (as I am a cheap lipstick shopper myself) however you get a decent amount of product and the quality is really good. Plus it is a Canadian product and they also have vegan options! I really want to try the dual lip and cheek products as I’m really into multi-use makeup.

I would highly recommend checking this company out! This would definitely make the perfect Valientines day shade!

Rating : ☮️☮️☮️☮️

Peace & Love

The Hamilton Hippie✌🏾


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