Clairol Color Crave – Influencer Review

Another Influenster review!

This product is loads of fun! This past month I received one full-sized shimmering hair makeup in the colour brilliant amethyst! (Love the name btw) as well as one full-sized Semi-permanent in Scarlet.

I chose to use the hair makeup because I was really interested in this product. I chose to create random and subtle highlights throughout the hair. The packaging of this product is great! I love the sponge-like applicator. The colour is a beautiful shimmery purple just what you would expect based off of the name.

The only cons for this product are that it is not as simple to do as it may seem! You gotta part the hair and then dry that section, but it’s hard to do all this and not get purple everywhere (and be careful because this product can stain). I also didn’t like the smell, it smells like hair dye (and I know, I know…. it is hair dye, but I thought it wouldn’t smell like it for some reason lol)  and my last con, you need to apply a lot of it to dark hair for it to show up vividly. Having said that, I didnt mind this so much because I wanted a softer finish.

All in all, this is a fun, relatively easy to use product! Perfect for costumes or if you wanna spice up life for a bit! And best part…. it washes out!!! No commitment, hair colour for the win! I believe it retails for $12 at Walmart, so based off of the price point, quality and size/ amount of product, I’d say worth the try!

Thanks again Influenster and Clairol for sending me these products! ( I promise I will get around to the semi-permanent dye at some point guys and let u know my thoughts)

image1 (6)image2 (3).JPG

Rating: ☮ ☮ ☮

Peace & Love

The Hamilton Hippie



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