Hamilton Fashion Week 2017

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A few weekends back I had the pleasure to attend Hamilton Fashion Week hosted at Digital Canaries Studios. I have attended a few of the Hamilton fashion week events in the past, but this year  (the fourth year for Hamilton Fashion week) was different than any fashion event I have been to in the city thus far! The weekend consisted of four events over two days; Saturday was the Fashion Matinee, followed by the Fashion Gala, and then on Sunday the Fashion Bruch and closing celebrations.

The Fashion Matinee


Saturday afternoon at 2pm I attended the Fashion Matinee, this was the opening event to Hamilton fashion week. The studio hosting Hamilton Fashion week is as unique as the city itself. Digital Canaries is a world-class film production studio and it makes for an incredible space, full of props and movie sets, every step you take brings you to a new and exciting world! So many tv shows and movies have been filmed in Hamilton and many at this amazing studio. I think this location is great for Hamilton Fashion week! Having said that, parking can be a bit tricky as there is no designated parking lot area.

When we walked into the venue we were greeted by several vendor booths. This year, there was a designated area to take photos in front of a Hamilton Fashion Week backdrop, which was really cute! They also had some light refreshments and lots of seating for guests to wait and mingle comfortably before the show. They also offer tours of the studio which is another really cool element.  The show began at 3pm, the speakers this year were excellent! Very professional and engaging. It was also lovely to hear Ken Biehler who, along with his wife Krystal, founded Hamilton Fashion Week and have organized it over the pasts four years. I really enjoyed Ken’s statements on the importance of supporting local fashion and the positive effects it can have on our community.

The designers in this year’s shows were incredible and the models did an amazing job! I was only able to make the shows on Saturday as I came down with a really terrible cold (as I do every year around this time, without fail). This meant that unfortunately, I missed the Sunday events but hopefully next year I will be healthy and good to go! Here is a quick breakdown of the designers I got to check out on the runaway!

Tashi Apparel hails from Toronto, Ontario, and is a designer label and specialty boutique carrying a wide variety of elegant women’s wear. The vibrant prints and unique cuts give this line a one of kind feel. Tasha boutique is defiantly the perfect place to find an outfit for a special occasion, especially if you don’t want to be caught in the same dress as someone else!

Pop Sauvage is on a mission to make crochet sexy, and let me tell you they are doing just that! I saw some absolutely amazing full length dresses with amazing color and details. The workmanship on these pieces is incredible, they must take hours to complete! I would totally love to rock one of these pieces during my next music festival trip!

Luxury Fur is a top quality fur coat and accessory business based in Niagara Falls, Ontario. These amazing pieces are imported from Russia and are simply amazing quality and look beyond lush! I love their long fur vests! Perfect for Canadian living!


Maricar Studio is an incredible collection of formal dresses. This line is high-end, trendy with modern sophistication, I absolutely love this collection, it is perfect for prom dresses and wedding dresses! If you are looking for a stand out piece I would highly recommend that you check them out.

Designs By Merike is another incredible designer label that specializes in bridal dress apparel and custom designs. The cuts and details in her designs exhibit the years of expertise that have been cultivated through this designer’s long career in fashion. These breathtaking pieces are perfect for brides looking for that one of a kind dress.

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The Fashion Gala

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The Fashion Gala took place Saturday afternoon, with its focus on menswear. The show included a few designers as well as a local menswear boutique. Again the speakers were great and the show was very entertaining, all the models did an excellent job of modeling these fantastic pieces. This show line up included;

Zander is a men’s wear clothing line, that is really trendy, sporty and minimal. This line is really impressive, the quality was top notch and I love that the line is very versatile and can be worn by both men and women. The simplicity and quality make these pieces very diverse and great for those out there that consider themselves modern minimalists, as this lines quality and modern style make for excellent wearability and sustainability.

True Hamiltonian is an homage to the great city I call HOME. The simplicity of this catchy statement  “Hamilton is Home” has taken the city by storm. These simple designs and colours make for such easy pieces to style and incorporate into anyone’s style. The sense of pride and community unity I feel when I see people sporting this line around the city is beyond amazing!

Strauss Menswear this formal menswear company caters to all things professional menswear, and aims to give personalized service. The line strives to help clients look and feel there best for any occasion and provides a wide range of brands and styles to help meet anyone’s personal taste and.

Finally, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the recipients of the Alexis Smith Spirit of Fashion Awards, (Rachael Warner, Quiana Delceia and Natasa Panova) this was the first year of these awards. The story of Alexis and the amazing lengths these individuals within the Hamilton fashion community went to in order to help Alexis and her family are truly inspiring, and it was so touching to hear Alexis story, it highlighted the power and importance of maintaining our sense of community!

Once again I would like to thank Hamilton Fashion Week for having me and also to True Hamiltonian for the additional tickets that I was able to share with friends! I cannot wait until next year!

Until next time Hamilton!

Peace & Love

The Hamilton Hippie

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