Hip Beauty- Sukin Skin Care Review with Social Nature-Coupon Code

So I am back with another Social Nature review for you all of this very luxurious facial moisturizer by Sukin! I actually received the facial moisturizer instead of the face scrub which I was really bummed about! But I really did like this product. It felt very great on the skin, cooling effect from the aloe vera, and absorbed nicely into the skin, no greasy feeling. This defiantly felt like a high-quality product and although I don’t use face moisturizer often I loved the ingredients in this product, it contains horsetail, nettle, burduck, wheat germ, jojoba, avocado, rosehip that promote healthy skin renewal! This is music to my ears and is perfect for those with sensitive skin or skin that can be dull and lackluster! Overall I am pretty impressed with the packaging and product, the scent is fresh, light, with a sweet earthy hint! and I would recommend this to others! and I have a 25% off Sukin coupon code here

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and you can join in the fun too! Social Nature is a FREE product testing platform that focuses on natural, organic and eco-friendly products that are shipped to you to review and share! So go on and check them out! #trynatural #gotitfree

image1 (20)


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