Hip Eats- The Diplomat


This past week my boyfriend and I ventured to the newest addition to King William St. The Diplomat! We were very excited to check this place out as we had heard much about the “living rooms” and other rumored features of this restaurant.

The Diplomat is in the building which once housed Baltimore House (a really unique Bar/lounge) which a very different aesthetic. I was interested to see what had become of the once-grungy, almost gothic space. The overall style of the Diplomat is modern eclectic, there are these gorgeous fireplaces, rich pops of colour, with cozy living room areas in a very clean and fresh wood and white space. There are also loads of line in the space, modern geometric shapes, and straight lines, that give it a strong sense of effortless style.

Now to the good stuff, the food! We ordered the Beef Tataki to start, this Asian inspired beef dish was very delicious, the sauce was sweet but spicy and the pieces on pear and sesame crisp created the perfect mix of flavor and texture. The only thing is, this dish is served very rare (almost tartare),  the thin cuts of beef are just lightly seared. The menu offered no description of the cook of the beef, so FYI if you’re not into that. I would love this cooked medium rare personally, as I am not a huge tartar fan.

For our starter, we ordered the cast iron chicken with a side of breadsticks. We decided to split this and let me tell you, it was more than enough food for two people! The chicken was perfectly seasoned and tender, served over a huge serving of smoked root vegetables including parsnip, carrots, sweet potato. Dressed with an amazing sauce and full of the wonderful aroma of garlic and onions. Legitimately the perfect winter season dish! And the breadsticks are amazing! I could eat a million they were warm, fresh, and buttery, so delicious!

To drink I ordered a red wine, (I cannot recall the name but is it the first wine on the red wine list) and my boyfriend ordered a pint of  Beaus. We could not fit in a dessert, but they sound amazing! I would love to return to try a cocktail as I have heard great things about their cocktail menu. They also have a complete vegan/vegetarian menu which is a really nice option for anyone who is vegan or like myself has food sensitivities.

All in all, for the amount and quality of food and drinks we had during our visit just over 100 dollars is not a bad deal, considering we had a few drinks! I would highly recommend this for a date night it has a lovely smart cozy atmosphere! They should definitely offer brunch or high tea here in the feature 😜

Rating: ☮ ☮☮ ☮

Peace & Love

The Hamilton Hippie

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