My Little Miracle

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I recently received the Miracle 10 skincare line, and I am beyond stoked to share my opinion with you all! So let’s jump into it!

Thanks to The Ten Spot I received approximately $250 towards Miracle 10 products (which was AMAZING! Before I selected my products, I had a quick over the phone skin consultation with Miracle 10’s account executive Kimberly, during which we had a quick chat about my skin and my skin concerns, after which she made a few suggestions which I found to be incredibly helpful.

I ordered a few items including the travel collection ($135 CAD) (mini versions of their complete skin care range for normal/maturing skin), Face SPF Moisturizer ($38 CAD), Rejuvenating Mist ($25 CAD), and Fade Out dark mark cream ($32 CAD) . The travel collection included the complete skin care range for normal to maturing skin, these products include;  

  • Cleanser II
  • Solution I
  • Light Serum
  • AHA Gel I
  • Night

I decided to test Miracle 10 challenge, they promise that in 10 hours you will see smoothness and clarity and in 10 days discoloration and dullness are visibly improved.

I used the full skin care line as per their recommendations for 14 days.


The steps:


  1. Wash with Cleanser II
  2. Tone with Solution I
  3. Apply light serum
  4. Apply SPF (not in the travel collect, this is a stand alone product)


  1. Wash with Cleanser ll
  2. Tone with Solution l
  3. Apply AHA Gel l
  4. Apply Night Cream


Overall I found the daily skin care line to be really easy to use! The step by step instructions leave very little room for error and it took no time to notice my skin changing for the better! I found that the skin care line made my skin feel nice and moisturized. However, I did find toward the end of the second week my skin was not really feeling it anymore. My skin is naturally dry and sensitive, and I think maybe the normal/maturing skin range of products was a just a bit too much for my skin with prolonged use.


The Face SPF is AMAZING! This product not only provides SPF 30 coverage, which is very important to prevent dark marks, and early aging, as well as skin cancer but it makes your skin look noticeably even, illuminated, and smooth. It acts as a translucent BB cream, I would typically end most of my morning routines with this product without applying any BB cream or concealer.


I suffer from hyperpigmentation, therefore,  I always reach for products that reduce scarring or brighten skin tone, which is why i had to try out Miracle 10’s Fade Out Cream. I applied the Fade Cream in the evenings, directly to my scarring on a nightly basis over the course of my trial with the products, I haven’t noticed any accelerating fading of my scarring/dark marks but it does seem to be helping over time.  


As for the Rejuvenating Mist, I’m not going to lie. I am afraid of this product. The Rejuvenating Mist is a hydrating mist and setting spray. I reached for this product because I wanted to try a setting spray, but I cannot seem to stop myself from flinching every time I try to spray any product on my face. Although, on the few occasions that I have been able to successfully apply this product I find it to have a uniform consistency and to be calming and refreshing to the skin.


All in all I had a very positive experience trying out Miracle 10’s skin care line. I definitely feel that the products consistency and effectiveness reflect the price point.


For more Information about Miracle 10 or to order your own products check out their website here:


Rating: ☮☮☮☮



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