Om My Way to a Healthier Life

If you haven’t heard, Om on Locke 

has been running some pretty great events over the past few weeks. I have had the pleasure of attending three of their events thus far.

The first event that I attended was called Breathing For Wellness. Om boutique’s co-owner, Tannis kindly reached out and let me know about this event. It occurred after store hours at their storefront on Locke St South. What was very nice about this event was that it was very intimate. Breathing for Wellness was a breathing workshop ran by Danielle from Siva Yoga with Danielle, she taught us some breathing techniques and exercises to try out. Additionally, she provided the class with so much information about mindful breathing and the effects of mindful breathing on your overall well being. To learn more about Breathing for Wellness and mindful breathing visit Siva Yoga with Danielle.


The next event that I attended was called Eating for Energy. This class was also held after hours at the Locke St. storefront. The workshop was run by Kimberlee Ruzyck, of The Picky Diet. She provided insight into many health “fads” and myths that are currently dominating culture. Much of this workshop was in a question and answer format, allowing those attending to learn about diets and health fads most pertinent to them.  A great added touch was that they provided a complementary sample of hemp hearts as well as a recipe and sample for a home made snack bar, and a fact sheet complete with much of the information that was discussed.

Most recently, I attended the Saturday morning Pilates Workshop run by Robin Lamarr of Royola. The class was an hour long “pay what you can” beginners pilates class. It was (as Robin said herself) “chill-anging” both oddly relaxing and challenging. While also working core muscles, the latter half of the class focused on booty exercises! This was a great way to kick off the morning. The event was also sponsored by Glow Juicery, they had free samples of a few of their juices available after the class as well as bottles for sale. This Saturday morning pilates class is continuing to run at Om for the foreseeable future so make sure you come out, show your support, and get your Saturday started the right way!

The great thing about all of these workshops/events is that those that attend get 10% off any merchandise in the store. Tannis is always a pleasure to talk to, and the boutique has a great selection of yoga and workout gear and carries many Canadian based, local and Eco-friendly brands!



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