The National Women’s Show – Is it worth the hype?


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A few month back I attended the National Women’s Show held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. This event showcases food, beauty, home, lifestyle products, as well as demonstrations,  speakers and entertainment, all geared towards women. This event runs over one weekend Friday to Sunday (this year it ran from Nov 9-11th). This was my first time attending this event. I had heard so much about it, in particular, the goodie bags.


I believe the event opened its doors at 10:00 am so me and a girlfriend headed in early. We jumped on the GO Train and arrived at Union Station, we took the indoor path (as it was a bit chilly out) directly into the convention centre (so friggin handy, but a bit tricky to do). Once we got to the convention centre, thinking we were early*, we found that there was a lineup out the door! It was crazy. People arrive early to get goodie bags as they are limited. My advice is to get there before the doors open and to go on the first day of the show to better your odds at getting one.  Once inside we did receive the goodie bags, and we began our exploration.


I would say this event is definitely a freebie hunt, all the different vendors have something to give away from little packet samples to full-sized goods. They had loads of food samples (almost like the food and drink shows, so that was really good).


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We did try to take advantage of the complimentary beauty services, specifically the nail painting, but my gosh was it soooo slow, they only had three girls working and a lineup down the aisle of vendors.


The Vendors

Here are some of my top picks from the different vendors.


image2 (9)


Organic Garage had this amazing, huge booth, full of organic health goods, samples, and demos! While we were there, I grabbed a decent size Manitoba Harvest hemp hart packet and hemp protein smoothie sample as well as a full-size Vita Coco drink! The Curl Ambassadors gave me these amazing Devacurl and Mixed Chicks samples. NudeStix provided a full-sized Lipstick of your choice, Book Clubbish proved a free book (and it was hardcover), President’s Choice also gave a free bag of cookies (which I gave to my BF and he was very pleased). There were loads of great food samples not pictured, but they had vegan, vegetarian samples/brands.


The Goodie Bag

The goodie bag was okay, it’s tricky because although I wasn’t blown away by it, I think if I had not gotten one I would be pretty disappointed. Just because the goodie bag combined with the vendor freebies made for quite the collection of samples. The goodie bag also had a number of those package samples, like the ones you find in magazines. I don’t care for them because they are annoying to store once opened, they don’t give enough product to really try something out and they just add no wow factor to the event in my opinion. However there were a few samples that were really good; Garnier came thru with the sample of the micellar water, this product is amazing! I am loving this to remove makeup because it is so gentle on my sensitive skin, this sample size is great it will for sure last me a while. Garnier also included this Gel Cream product, which is so cool, and unlike anything I have tried before. It’s a moisturizing cream, but in a jelly-like form,  it’s not sticky or filmy or anything! I love this for my hands and it’s an adorable size, you can travel with this or toss it in your purse! The next goodie was the goat milk soap by Caprina in a mini hotel sized version. I love this product and have been using it for years so very handy! They also included a full-size Pedi Perfect hydration cream for your feet, can’t go wrong with foot moisturizer! Especially between pedicures, moisturization is a must! As for food, they had some chips and cookies loads of protein bars and a full sized spaghetti from Catelli Smart and a Tetlely tea sample. All in all the goodie bags were not half bad, my only suggestion, fewer flyers, coupons, and packet samples and more mini samples!  


The cost for this event was $22.00 for two people (On WagJag)  this combined with your day pass for the train (or parking)  was around  $30.00- $40.00  for the day. With that, I would say not half bad for a good time with your girlies! I would not recommend this to anyone who hates flyers, lineups (as you can imagine, you do have to wait to get the freebies and to get in), large crowds, and those lame packet samples. I really think it is most worth it if you can attend on the first day and in the morning so you get your goodie bag and the lines are a bit more chill!


Now for the big question, is it worth the hype?


For me, sadly No! But I would give it a go if you have never done this sort of event and you live in the area.  With that being said I would not lose sleep over being able to attend!


Well, that’s a wrap folks!

Until next time, peace and love

The Hamilton Hippie 


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