The Pedicure Diaries Volume 3: Flourish Skin Studio

Flourish Skin Studio

4-1157 Rymal Rd. E

Hamilton, ON


For this month’s pedicure review I ventured to Flourish skin studio.  Once I arrived at the studio I was greeted by the owner and operator Krista! The studio itself was lovely, very elegant and cozy, filled with beautiful shabby chic furniture and pastel details throughout. The studio was inspired by Locke St. Pure Boutique which I felt the owner nailed beautifully (if you have not been it is definitely worth checking out it is an amazing store

The treatment I received was the Signature Hot Towel Pedicure. The pedicure area of the studio was adorable and very comfortable! The whole vibe of the spa makes you feel very relaxed and pampered. The pedicure began with a removal of my nail polish and a quick nail trim, shape and foot file then followed a hot towel wrap. Krista applied some oils and then covered my feet in hot towels and these really cozy booties on top. This hot towel wrap sits for about 15 mins or so and then they are removed and a scrub is applied, followed by oils and the most lovely massage, complete with hot stones! Flourish uses all natural products, which I find amazing and this pedicure using only hot towels instead of the traditional soak saves a ton of water! After the massage cream is applied and then the nails are painted!

This is not a pedicure it’s an experience! I felt so relaxed and both mentally and physically. Krista was lovely, we had a great conversation and she is very knowledgeable and very passionate about what she does! This was really great to hear as I believe when a person truly loves what is when you truly receive the best value and service.

I would definitely recommend this treatment as a gift for someone special or as a special treat for yourself!( I think everyone should try it at least once!), as it runs approx. 60 mins and costs $50.00. There are also a variety of other treatments available, Flourish specialize’s in facials and offer more traditional pedicures as well.  I definitely want to return to try out some of their other treatments.


For more information and to book check out 

Peace & Love

Rating ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮

Let me know where I should visit next in the comments……


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