The Pedicure DiariesVolume 4: Anastasia Esthetics


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For this month’s pedicure, I had the pleasure of venturing to the lovely home studio of Anastasia in Waterdown.

The Studio


Anastasia studio is just as warm and welcoming as Anastasia herself! The studio space was light, fresh, clean and wonderfully decorated. I loved that the space only provides room for one client at a time, so you really have that exclusive feel! I booked a pedicure and wax, the price range for her services are very affordable!

The Appointment 

My appointment Once I was in and settled we began with the wax. I consider myself someone with very sensitive skin, so waxing can be a bit scary! However, the wax she used was AMAZING on my skin, literally not a spot of irritation! Anastasia was very professional and had a wealth of knowledge in aesthetics. She has had a long career in aesthetics and it shows! She was very quick and did an excellent job. She was also very good at distracting me from the pain! We had great conversation throughout my appointment.

The Pedicure

The pedicure began with a foot file and soak, followed by a scrub (which felt amazing), a cuticle clean, moisturizer, and (the best part) a hot stone massage! I still think about it (lol)  I really love how the stones create a contradicted warmth the moves along the base of the foot and just helps to loosen up any tenseness in the feet, plus there is just something healing about warming the feet!

I will definitely be returning to Anastasia, I really felt comfortable and relaxed and I enjoyed her company! I feel as though the appointment went by so quickly it was like catching up with an old friend! I believe the total appointment time was an hour and a half.

I would definitely recommend checking her out especially if you are in the Waterdown area!

Click here for more information.

Rating: ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮

With summer coming to a close it is time for this amazing series to end! I love fall, it is an amazing time of year! I do however have some wedding and a trip coming up so please leave any other studios in Hamilton I should check out this fall and, as always, I will let you know what I think 🙂


Peace & Love

The Hamilton Hippie





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