Wine Not Wednesday Girls Night Out

This week I am reviewing Girls Night Out Mimosa! This wine is incredibly refreshing, it is lightly carbonated and has hints of citrus flavouring making for a lighter tasting version of a traditional mimosa. The mild flavouring and light carbonation make this wine easy to pair with breakfast foods as well as white meats and seafood.

It also makes for a perfect summer afternoon drink with the girls! I add a couple slices of lemon and lime, ice cubes, and enjoy one of my patio favourites!

I got to try this wine out at an Elle Canada event and received this bottle complementary in my goodie bag. I love the presentation of this bottle, it is very simple and cute! This wine retails for $8.95 at the LCBO. What I love about Girls Night Out wines is that they are always very affordable, they have a variety of flavour options, and always provide a quality product with great taste.


Rating: ☮☮☮

image1 (12).JPG


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